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Circle Of Molesters

by Grime

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Swampy Death and sludge that rolls along at murky tempos with vocals that come bubbling from a vat of acid. True nastiness manifest.
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tobias_rieper A sludge and death metal hybrid. More on the sludge side. Killer riffs and nice variation. Extra crunchy and always audible bass sound. Typical sludge vocals just about to dissolve in acid. All songs are fun, heavy and satisfying. Favorite track: Sulphorous Veins.
TOTALNECRO thumbnail
TOTALNECRO Grimiest doom band from sh-italy.
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Neurot5 One of the best sludge bands out there right now. Essential for fans of Eyehategod, Thou, Fister, etc.
Nic Brown
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Nic Brown Italian sludgemaestros Grime kick up a pernicious racket on "Circle Of Molesters" which is the aural equivalent of being flayed alive, rolled in salt, then dumped in a bath of hydrochloric acid. Dense, abrasive and monstrously heavy (the low end has to be felt to be believed), it's a relentless assault on the senses which, if played at critical volume, would cause every bowel within a 5 mile radius to discharge its contents. Nasty but necessary. Favorite track: Sulphorous Veins.
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neversilenced Imagine:You are the drugged and delirious,tormented and tortured Jennifer Connolly taking a header into the necro-sludge of a sewer-crypt in Argento's Phenomena.

Grime is the aural equivalent.
Enjoy. Favorite track: Orgiastic Rite.
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Get Immortal 03:23
GET IMMORTAL Cowls and cutting blades the rite begins erect the stake exhume the master Taste the cutting blade that penetrates your burning skin what a pleasure Blood is just a seal that holds you here release your soul get immortal Now the victim lays she has no fear and no escape death is not the end Breathe again reborn and surge bring you back to life again now you are the one walking over life and death take the gift of fire show us how to reach the truth die descend ascend reborn there’s no right or wrong nor up and down not life or death just extinction fade into the One follow the crow that leads to gods and dissolve your fucking soul
VERGE OF WRATH I stay away as I see no tomorrow here for me I lost my hope Many days I tried to escape from self abuse But your God is fake and it’s worthless I’m aware about his lies I can’t wait too long cut my veins and die this way My mind plays some tricks constantly I lost my mind many ways I tried to escape from my own shit I lost the road And your God is fake and it’s worthless I won’t wait for kingdom come I won’t wait so long die today and tighten the noose God doesn’t really exist God doesn’t give a fuck ‘bout me Heaven isn’t a good place Heaven isn’t the place for me
SULPHUROUS VEINS Weak rotten maladjusted I require my rebirth as a demon Grief sorrow dirt and sulphur Your God left me here turned away and fucked me up War murder tiny bodies on the ground Your laws your pride are just bullshit Hate and disgust there’s no mercy Feel the pain motherfucker you will die now killed by demons Rise Black Light obscure the sky Cries Revenge Madness Ascend Faith Trust Dope Lust - - Fly High Fall down Die fucker you must expire Drown into my world feel the pain erase your mind Drown into my world feel ashamed deny your god Push the needle down the vein push the needle Feel the pain
ACCELERATING TRANSITION Cries inside my mind Demons drag me down in hell visions of a reckless mind I’ve cut my soul in two, oh my! Hopelessly deranged I rot falling down cursing your god all alone against this wall losing my soul lost on my own cursing god no way out try to find a way to survive all this life passed aside can’t decide without a knife cut deep down oh my God spilling off my blood, what the fuck’s that! It was clear after most of blood has been spilled had to die to decide to reborn stand all alone against the gods rise and reborn as yourself.
SALVATION COMES FROM BELOW Fallen into the hole beautiful angel of light god has throw you below chasing his favorite son fallen down from the sky to bring us most precious knowledge we will follow your path don’t give a fuck of our death Madness taking control anarchy ruling the world most of people don’t know salvation comes from below falling down from the sky you’re coming down like the Thunder we will follow you down don’t give a fuck of our souls Burn the cross and join the pentagram to avoid extinction of man Burn the cross and join the pentagram to avoid extinction of mankind
ORGIASTIC RITE I can’t stop drowning inside all this vortex of lust lost control of my mind full of pot and wine Weed opens holes in my mind I can feel wisdom arise from the depths of the time orgiastic rite began All alone rotting down in hell on that pile back to life again wisdom surging from the flesh female and male merging into one release the chains of this world I’ll free my soul from the demiurge Now all is merged into one lost perception of my individual own will I’m reborn to this All alone rotting down in hell on that pile back to life again Die alone to reborn again in different form Die alone I sold my soul


Amsterdam-based Argento Records' first title is 'Circle Of Molesters', the second LP from Trieste, Italy's corrosive sludge quartet GRIME. Their sound is rooted into rotten burial grounds and their songs are the sound of a decaying swamp filled with trash. Their slow and heavy groove is filthy and vicious, guitar riffs are sharp and covered with rust, drums and bass hit with the unstoppable power of a mud avalanche. And their only goal is bringing destruction to a town near you.

Following the release of their independent debut EP in 2011 and their dominating 2013-released debut LP 'Deteriorate' (Forcefield Records/Mordgrimm), GRIME oozes forth with their most brutalizing display of gutter-born, diseased sludge metal yet with 'Circle Of Molesters'. Like a volcano rupturing megatons of rotting flesh, for nearly forty minutes the band's gnarly scourge will suck you into the darkest depths of suffocating death, yet all the while taking their petulant tonal attack to new heights, integrating more body-mangling dynamics than ever.

Bringing this auditory destruction to life, the band enlisted the recording and mixing work of sound engineer Lorenzo Stecconi (Ufomammut, Amen Ra, Zu) and final mastering duties to Brad Boatright (Sleep, Corrosion Of Conformity, Nails) at Audiosiege, both factors helping shape every bit of the band's tonal wrath to thundering clarity.


released September 10, 2015

Grime is: 

Marco vocals/guitar 
Paolo bass  
Ans guitar 
Chris drums 

Recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Stecconi, November 2014. 
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE. 
Artwork and layout by Jason Barnett. 
Photography by Paolo Podzinkova.


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Argento Records Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Anno Domini MMXV

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